All Relations between executive functions and efs

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Samantha M Freis, Jordan D Alexander, Jacob E Anderson, Robin P Corley, Alejandro I De La Vega, Daniel E Gustavson, Scott I Vrieze, Naomi P Friedma. Associations between executive functions assessed in different contexts in a genetically informative sample. Journal of experimental psychology. General. 2023-09-05. PMID:37668562. executive functions (efs) are cognitive functions that help direct goal-related behavior. 2023-09-05 2023-09-07 Not clear
Xun Luo, Fabian Herold, Sebastian Ludyga, Markus Gerber, Keita Kamijo, Matthew B Pontifex, Charles H Hillman, Bandon L Alderman, Notger G M\\xc3\\xbcller, Arthur F Kramer, Toru Ishihara, Wook Song, Liye Zo. Association of physical activity and fitness with executive function among preschoolers. International journal of clinical and health psychology : IJCHP. vol 23. issue 4. 2023-09-04. PMID:37663042. thus, this study aimed to investigate the association of time spent in different pa intensity zones and crf with executive functions (efs) in preschool-age children. 2023-09-04 2023-09-07 Not clear
Telma Par\\xc3\\xa1, Lu\\xc3\\xads Alfredo Vidal de Carvalho, Paulo Mattos, Simone Dantas, Sylvain Gravier, Sue Johnston-Wilde. Can the Clobber game become a classroom-based tool for screening students' executive functions? Progress in brain research. vol 279. 2023-09-03. PMID:37661164. specifically, this study tries to address how the use of the clobber game can target executive functions (efs) and why it may be a valuable game to assess efs. 2023-09-03 2023-09-07 human
Na Liu, Chun-Ni Heng, Yi Cui, Ling Li, Yan-Xue Guo, Qin Liu, Bao-Hua Cao, Di Wu, Yin-Ling Zhan. The Relationship between Trait Impulsivity and Everyday Executive Functions among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Mediating Effect of Negative Emotions. Journal of diabetes research. vol 2023. 2023-08-31. PMID:37650108. the most cost-effective way to control diabetes is diabetes self-management, which depends on patients' executive functions (efs). 2023-08-31 2023-09-07 Not clear
Vahid Nejati, Aida Peyvand. The impact of time perception remediation on cold and hot executive functions and behavioral symptoms in children with ADHD. Child neuropsychology : a journal on normal and abnormal development in childhood and adolescence. 2023-08-30. PMID:37646622. this study aimed to evaluate the impact of time perception remediation on hot and cold executive functions (efs) and behavioral symptoms in children with adhd. 2023-08-30 2023-09-07 human
Valentina Di Giusto, Giulia Purpura, Carla Fulvia Zorzi, Rosanna Blonda, Elena Brazzoli, Paolo Meriggi, Tarjn Reina, Silvia Rezzonico, Roberta Sala, Ivana Olivieri, Anna Cavallin. Virtual reality rehabilitation program on executive functions of children with specific learning disorders: a pilot study. Frontiers in psychology. vol 14. 2023-08-28. PMID:37637891. this pilot study aims to examine whether a vr-rehabilitation program may have positive effects on the executive functions (efs) of children with specific learning disorders (sld). 2023-08-28 2023-09-07 Not clear
Nicoletta Scionti, Laura Zampini, Gian Marco Marzocch. The Relationship between Narrative Skills and Executive Functions across Childhood: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Children (Basel, Switzerland). vol 10. issue 8. 2023-08-26. PMID:37628390. executive functions (efs) and narrative competence (nc) are two important predictors of many outcomes in human development. 2023-08-26 2023-09-07 human
Florian Heilmann, Damiano Formenti, Athos Trecroci, Franziska Lautenbac. The effects of a smartphone game training intervention on executive functions in youth soccer players: a randomized controlled study. Frontiers in sports and active living. vol 5. 2023-08-21. PMID:37601169. cognitive training primarily aims to improve executive functions (efs). 2023-08-21 2023-09-07 Not clear
Piercarlo Minoretti, Andr\\xc3\\xa9s S Santiago S\\xc3\\xa1ez, \\xc3\\x81ngel F Garc\\xc3\\xada Mart\\xc3\\xadn, Miryam Lia\\xc3\\xb1o Riera, Manuel G\\xc3\\xb3mez Serrano, Enzo Emanuel. Mild Depressive Symptoms in Airline Pilots Associated With Impaired Executive Functions. Cureus. vol 15. issue 7. 2023-08-11. PMID:37565100. considering the crucial role that cognitive abilities play in the realm of aircraft piloting, it is imperative to probe into the potential repercussions of depressive symptoms on executive functions (efs) among this professional cohort. 2023-08-11 2023-08-16 Not clear
Magali Reynold de Seresin, Arnaud Roy, Camille Theveniaut, Justine Le Goff, Coline Chopin, Val\\xc3\\xa9rie Rouger, Jean-Christophe Roze, Cyril Flamant, Jean-Baptiste Mulle. Assessing of executive functions in daily life in preterm children aged 3-4 years old from the "Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Preschool version" questionnaire. Frontiers in pediatrics. vol 11. 2023-08-11. PMID:37565238. executive functions (efs) are a set of neuropsychological skills permitting solving problems in a new situation by regulating action, behavior, and emotional response. 2023-08-11 2023-08-16 Not clear
Belem G L\\xc3\\xb3pez, Minyu Zhang, Maria M Arredondo, Su Yeong Ki. The Simon effect in bilingual language brokers: A role for emotion and proficiency. The international journal of bilingualism : cross-disciplinary, cross-linguistic studies of language behavior. vol 25. issue 1. 2023-08-10. PMID:37559687. lb may have long-term socio-emotional and cognitive outcomes, yet little is known about its effects on executive functions (efs). 2023-08-10 2023-08-16 Not clear
Jessica Wise Younger, Kristine D O'Laughlin, Joaquin A Anguera, Silvia A Bunge, Emilio E Ferrer, Fumiko Hoeft, Bruce D McCandliss, Jyoti Mishra, Miriam Rosenberg-Lee, Adam Gazzaley, Melina R Uncaphe. Better together: novel methods for measuring and modeling development of executive function diversity while accounting for unity. Frontiers in human neuroscience. vol 17. 2023-08-09. PMID:37554411. executive functions (efs) are linked to positive outcomes across the lifespan. 2023-08-09 2023-08-16 Not clear
Juanjuan Ma, Lixu Tang, Peng Peng, Tengfei Wang, Hongsheng Gui, Xuezhu Re. Shifting as an executive function separate from updating and inhibition in old age: Behavioral and genetic evidence. Behavioural brain research. 2023-07-29. PMID:37516210. this study aimed to examine the organization of executive functions (efs), specifically working memory updating, prepotent response inhibition, and mental-set shifting in old age, with a particular focus on determining whether the shifting function was behaviorally and genetically separated from the other functions. 2023-07-29 2023-08-14 Not clear
Paula Szcze\\xc5\\x9bniewska, Ewa Bryl, Agata Dutkiewicz, Aneta R Borkowska, Karolina Bilska, El\\xc5\\xbcbieta Paszy\\xc5\\x84ska, Agnieszka S\\xc5\\x82opie\\xc5\\x84, Monika Dmitrzak-W\\xc4\\x99glarz, Tomasz Han\\xc4\\x8. Cool executive functions and their association with body mass & fatness and the FTO gene in school-aged children. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-07-27. PMID:37500688. deficits of "cool" executive functions (efs) are considered a potential risk factor for excessive weight. 2023-07-27 2023-08-14 Not clear
Nat\\xc3\\xa1lia Martins Dias, Isabela Espezin Helsdingen, Eduarda Kammers Rita Momm de Lins, Camila Erlinda Etcheverria, Vanessa de Ara\\xc3\\xbajo Dechen, Luana Steffen, Caroline de Oliveira Cardoso, Fernanda Machado Lope. Executive functions beyond the "Holy Trinity": A scoping review. Neuropsychology. 2023-07-24. PMID:37486357. executive functions (efs) are a multifaceted construct, important for several outcomes throughout life. 2023-07-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Mar\\xc3\\xada Garc\\xc3\\xada-Galant, Montse Blasco, Olga Laporta-Hoyos, Alba Berenguer-Gonz\\xc3\\xa1lez, Paula Moral-Salicr\\xc3\\xba, J\\xc3\\xbalia Ballester-Plan\\xc3\\xa9, Xavier Cald\\xc3\\xba, J\\xc3\\xbalia Miralbell, X\\xc3\\xa8nia Alonso, Julita Medina-Cantillo, Elsa Povedano-Bull\\xc3\\xb3, David Leiva, Roslyn N Boyd, Roser Puey. A randomized controlled trial of a home-based computerized executive function intervention for children with cerebral palsy. European journal of pediatrics. 2023-07-18. PMID:37462799. the aim of this study was to assess whether a home-based computerized intervention program improves executive functions (efs) compared to usual care. 2023-07-18 2023-08-14 human
Lisanne Schr\\xc3\\xb6er, Richard P Cooper, Denis Marescha. Assessing executive functions in free-roaming 2- to 3-year-olds. Frontiers in psychology. vol 14. 2023-07-17. PMID:37457086. core aspects of executive functions (efs) are known to be related to academic skills such as literacy and numeracy. 2023-07-17 2023-08-14 Not clear
Hui Qiu, Xiao Liang, Peng Wang, Hui Zhang, David H K Shu. Efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions on executive functions in children and adolescents with ADHD: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Asian journal of psychiatry. vol 87. 2023-07-14. PMID:37450981. although front-line doctors recommend medications, this kind of treatment has limited efficacy in improving executive functions (efs) in children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (adhd). 2023-07-14 2023-08-14 Not clear
\\xc3\\x81lvaro Aliaga, Mar\\xc3\\xada Jos\\xc3\\xa9 Bracho, Mat\\xc3\\xadas Romero, Mar\\xc3\\xada Jos\\xc3\\xa9 Sald\\xc3\\xadas, Ximena Jofr\\xc3\\xa9, Christian Sala. The contribution of executive functions to the process of return to work after brain injury: A systematic review. Neuropsychological rehabilitation. 2023-07-10. PMID:37427841. this review focuses on the association between executive functions (efs) and return to work after abi. 2023-07-10 2023-08-14 Not clear
\\xc3\\x81lvaro Aliaga, Mar\\xc3\\xada Jos\\xc3\\xa9 Bracho, Mat\\xc3\\xadas Romero, Mar\\xc3\\xada Jos\\xc3\\xa9 Sald\\xc3\\xadas, Ximena Jofr\\xc3\\xa9, Christian Sala. The contribution of executive functions to the process of return to work after brain injury: A systematic review. Neuropsychological rehabilitation. 2023-07-10. PMID:37427841. there is evidence that specific executive functions and neurobehavioral variables may affect return to work studies showed a significant theoretical and methodological heterogeneity, representing an important limitation to understand the relation between efs and work. 2023-07-10 2023-08-14 Not clear