All Relations between executive functions and efs

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Yoann Fombouchet, Lyda Lannegrand, Joanna Lucene. Relationships between emotion regulation strategies and executive functions in adolescence: Exploring the effects of discrete emotions and age. Journal of adolescence. 2024-05-02. PMID:38693714. individual differences in the development of er strategies may be related to cognitive processes responsible for managing goal-directed behaviors, namely executive functions (efs). 2024-05-02 2024-05-04 Not clear
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b' M Campanella, L Cardinali, D Ferrari, S Migliaccio, F Silvestri, L Falcioni, V M Bimonte, D Curzi, M Bertollo, L Bovolon, M C Gallotta, L Guidetti, C Baldari, V Bonavolont\\xc3\\xa. Effects of Fitlight training on cognitive-motor performance in \\xc3\\xa9lite judo athletes. Heliyon. vol 10. issue 7. 2024-05-01. PMID:38689957.' specifically, it was verified if cmt influenced executive functions (efs), physical fitness and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (bdnf) levels. 2024-05-01 2024-05-03 Not clear
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Sara Arian Namazi, Saeid Sadegh. The immediate impacts of TV programs on preschoolers' executive functions and attention: a systematic review. BMC psychology. vol 12. issue 1. 2024-04-25. PMID:38659021. in this study, we systematically reviewed experimental studies that investigated how pacing and fantasy features of tv programs affect children's attention and executive functions (efs). 2024-04-25 2024-04-28 Not clear
b' Ond\\xc5\\x99ej R\\xc3\\xbddlo, Ad\\xc3\\xa9la Buben\\xc3\\xadkov\\xc3\\xa1, Kl\\xc3\\xa1ra H\\xc3\\xa4cklov\\xc3\\xa1, Petr Skalick\\xc3\\xbd, R\\xc3\\xb3bert Le\\xc5\\xa1ko, Ad\\xc3\\xa9la Ebelov\\xc3\\xa1, David Netuka, Vladim\\xc3\\xadr Bene\\xc5\\xa1 IIIrd, Vladim\\xc3\\xadr Bene\\xc5\\xa1, Ond\\xc5\\x99ej Brad\\xc3\\xa1\\xc4\\x8. Comparison of decline in different cognitive domain in patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus. Neurosurgical review. vol 47. issue 1. 2024-04-17. PMID:38632175.' based on age and education correlated norms, we aimed to compare performance in each measured cognitive domain: executive functions (efs), verbal memory (vm), non-verbal memory (nvm), visuoconstructional abilities (va) and attention/psychomotor speed (a/ps). 2024-04-17 2024-04-20 Not clear
Iris Menu, Grégoire Borst, Arnaud Cachi. Latent Network Analysis of Executive Functions Across Development. Journal of cognition. vol 7. issue 1. 2024-04-15. PMID:38617749. executive functions (efs) are crucial for academic achievement, physical health, and mental well-being. 2024-04-15 2024-04-17 Not clear
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Xiaoling Geng, Jing-Yi Ai, Chun-Chih Wang, Feng-Tzu Chen, Yu-Kai Chan. Effects of volume-matched acute exercise on metacognition in late middle-aged adults: The roles of exercise intensity and duration. Progress in brain research. vol 283. 2024-03-27. PMID:38538185. increasing studies have observed the benefit of acute exercise on core executive functions (efs). 2024-03-27 2024-03-30 Not clear
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Safae Sedjari, Mohammed El-Mir, Zouhayr Souirt. Working memory training in autism: Near and far transfer. La Tunisie medicale. vol 101. issue 12. 2024-03-13. PMID:38477195. it is generally recognized that executive function deficits (efs) are at the core of this disorder. 2024-03-13 2024-03-15 Not clear
Chenxin Lin, Danyi Li, Xiaying Wang, Shuo Yan. Chronic exercise interventions for executive function in overweight children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Frontiers in sports and active living. vol 6. 2024-03-04. PMID:38435336. to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of chronic exercise in physical activity (pa) as an intervention for executive functions (efs) in children. 2024-03-04 2024-03-06 Not clear
Hassan Mohammed Sonbol, Youmna Sabri, Mohamed Shahda, Eman Abdallah Shouma. Evaluation of the executive functions and quality of life in a sample of Egyptian male adolescents with substance use disorder: A case-control study. Discover mental health. vol 4. issue 1. 2024-03-04. PMID:38436797. impaired executive functions (efs) have been linked to all stages of the substance use disorder (sud) life cycle, increasing the likelihood of commencing use, escalating use more quickly, and increasing the likelihood of relapsing following treatment. 2024-03-04 2024-03-06 Not clear
Annamária Kiss, Valéria Csép. The role of cognitive control and naming in aphasia. Biologia futura. 2024-02-29. PMID:38421595. the classical aphasia literature has placed considerable emphasis on the language-centered understanding of aphasia and failed to consider the role of executive functions (efs) regarding different aspects of patients' performance. 2024-02-29 2024-03-02 human
Pasquale Arpaia, Renato Cuocolo, Allegra Fullin, Ludovica Gargiulo, Francesca Mancino, Nicola Moccaldi, Ersilia Vallefuoco, Paolo De Blasii. Executive Functions Assessment Based on Wireless EEG and 3D Gait Analysis During Dual-Task: A Feasibility Study. IEEE journal of translational engineering in health and medicine. vol 12. 2024-02-28. PMID:38410182. executive functions (efs) are neurocognitive processes planning and regulating daily life actions. 2024-02-28 2024-03-01 human
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Changshuang He, Xiaoying Peng, Jinming Zhang, Wei Cheng, Shaoyu Guo, Wenwen Hu, Chunyi Fang, Muyang Huan, Yanhua Lu, Menghao Sang, Tang Zhou, Hua Wu, Longkai Li, Minghui Qua. Effects of 12-week aerobic exercise with different frequencies on executive function in preschool children: a cluster randomized controlled trial. Psychology & health. 2024-01-30. PMID:38287651. to explore the effects of a 12-week aerobic exercise program with different frequencies on executive functions (efs) in preschool children. 2024-01-30 2024-02-01 Not clear