All Relations between emotion and attitudes

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Firdows Alexander, Ross Tucker, Ben Jones, Sharief Hendrick. X as a proxy for tackle safety culture? Sentiment analysis of social media posts on red-carded and yellow-carded tackles during the 2019 Rugby World Cup. BMJ open sport & exercise medicine. vol 9. issue 4. 2023-10-30. PMID:37901749. this study analysed the overall sentiment of attitudes, opinions, views and emotions expressed in posts on x related to red-carded and yellow-carded tackles during the 2019 rugby world cup (rwc). 2023-10-30 2023-11-08 Not clear
Pascal Schlechter, Thomas Meyer, Nexhmedin Morin. Comparison Is the Thief of Joy? Introducing the Attitudes Towards Social Comparison Inventory. Assessment. 2023-10-25. PMID:37876134. to address this gap, we developed the attitudes toward social comparison inventory (asci) drawing on existing scales that tap into metacognitive beliefs about worrying, self-motives, beliefs about emotions, and the general comparative-processing model. 2023-10-25 2023-11-08 Not clear
Ekaterina Delikishkina, Shira Cohen-Zimerman, Zachary R Kachian, Frank Krueger, Barry Gordon, Jordan Grafma. Understanding altruistic behavior: The joint role of prefrontal damage and OXTR genotype. Neuropsychologia. 2023-09-23. PMID:37741549. growing evidence suggests that altruism may be partly determined by the oxytocin receptor (oxtr) gene, which regulates the emotions underlying altruistic attitudes, such as empathy and trust. 2023-09-23 2023-10-07 human
Jesse Robbins, Kathryn Proudfoot, Elizabeth Strand, Lauren Hemsworth, Grahame Coleman, Paul Hemsworth, Jeremy Skuse, Peter Krawczel, Jennifer Van O. Perceptions of dairy cow handling situations: A comparison of public and industry samples. Journal of dairy science. 2023-08-29. PMID:37641307. in both pub and ind, scenarios which were rated more positively for attitudes or for the cows' or respondents' emotional experiences were also perceived as more common. 2023-08-29 2023-09-07 human
F\\xc3\\xa1tima Cuadrado, Adoraci\\xc3\\xb3n Antol\\xc3\\xad, Bernardino Fern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-Calvo, Julia Vaca. How to improve attitudes towards dementia? Reframing as a tool to overcome the stigma around Alzheimer's disease. Patient education and counseling. vol 115. 2023-07-19. PMID:37467594. this article aims to determine how alzheimer's disease (ad) framing impacts on attitudes and self-reported emotions towards the disease. 2023-07-19 2023-08-14 Not clear
Grace I L Caskie, Hannah M Bashian, Abigail R Voelkne. Effects of Alzheimer's Diagnosis and Gender on Ageist Attitudes, Aging Anxiety, and Emotional Reactions to Older Adults. The Gerontologist. 2023-07-12. PMID:37436158. effects of alzheimer's diagnosis and gender on ageist attitudes, aging anxiety, and emotional reactions to older adults. 2023-07-12 2023-08-14 human
Grace I L Caskie, Hannah M Bashian, Abigail R Voelkne. Effects of Alzheimer's Diagnosis and Gender on Ageist Attitudes, Aging Anxiety, and Emotional Reactions to Older Adults. The Gerontologist. 2023-07-12. PMID:37436158. we investigated whether ageist attitudes, aging anxiety, and emotional reactions to older adults differ based on alzheimer's disease [ad] diagnosis, older adult gender, and participant gender, as well as their interactions. 2023-07-12 2023-08-14 human
Mitch Earleywine, Maha N Mian, Brianna R Altman, Joseph A De Le. Expectancies for Cannabis- Induced Emotional Breakthrough, Mystical Experiences and Changes in Dysfunctional Attitudes: Perceptions of the Potential for Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy for Depression. Cannabis (Research Society on Marijuana). vol 5. issue 2. 2023-06-08. PMID:37287954. expectancies for cannabis- induced emotional breakthrough, mystical experiences and changes in dysfunctional attitudes: perceptions of the potential for cannabis-assisted psychotherapy for depression. 2023-06-08 2023-08-14 human
Ramit Debnath, David M Reiner, Benjamin K Sovacool, Finn M\\xc3\\xbcller-Hansen, Tim Repke, R Michael Alvarez, Shaun D Fitzgeral. Conspiracy spillovers and geoengineering. iScience. vol 26. issue 3. 2023-03-30. PMID:36994188. we use 814,924 english-language tweets containing #geoengineering globally over 13 years (2009-2021) to explore public emotions, perceptions, and attitudes toward srm using natural language processing, deep learning, and network analysis. 2023-03-30 2023-08-14 Not clear
Brenna Mossman, Laura M Perry, James I Gerhart, Laurie E McLouth, Ashley B Lewson, Michael Hoerge. Emotional Distress Predicts Palliative Cancer Care Attitudes: The Unique Role of Anger. Psycho-oncology. 2023-02-17. PMID:36799130. this study aims to investigate the role of emotional distress in palliative care avoidance by examining the associations of anger, anxiety, and depression with palliative care attitudes. 2023-02-17 2023-08-14 Not clear
Martina Ba\\xc5\\xa1kov\\xc3\\xa1, Eva Urbanov\\xc3\\xa1, Barbora \\xc4\\x8eur\\xc3\\xad\\xc4\\x8dekov\\xc3\\xa1, Zuzana \\xc5\\xa0kodov\\xc3\\xa1, \\xc4\\xbdubica B\\xc3\\xa1nov\\xc4\\x8dinov\\xc3\\xa. Selected Factors of Experiencing Pregnancy and Birth in Association with Postpartum Depression. International journal of environmental research and public health. vol 20. issue 3. 2023-02-11. PMID:36767994. the aim of the study is to analyse the risk of postpartum depression using dimensions of perceived support (information, emotional, and physical), antenatal education (satisfaction and attitude), and attitude toward pregnancy (wanted or unwanted). 2023-02-11 2023-08-14 Not clear
F\\xc3\\xa9lix Yllana-Prieto, David Gonz\\xc3\\xa1lez-G\\xc3\\xb3mez, Jin Su Jeon. Influence of two educational Escape Room- Breakout tools in PSTs' affective and cognitive domain in STEM (science and mathematics) courses. Heliyon. vol 9. issue 1. 2023-01-23. PMID:36685475. this research compares the influence of two erbs (science erb and mathematics erb) in pre-service teachers' (psts) affective domain (emotions, attitudes, and self-efficacy towards stem) and cognitive domain (performance). 2023-01-23 2023-08-14 Not clear
Nur Islamiah, Sonja Breinholst, Monika A Walcza. Associations Between Parents' Cognitions About Child Anxiety and Emotion Dysregulation in Clinically Anxious Children: The Unique Contribution of Fathers. Child psychiatry and human development. 2023-01-03. PMID:36595111. this study examined the influence of parental cognition, including attitudes, beliefs, and understanding of anxiety, on emotion dysregulation in children with anxiety disorder. 2023-01-03 2023-08-14 Not clear
E McKinley, D Burdon, R J Shelloc. The evolution of ocean literacy: A new framework for the United Nations Ocean Decade and beyond. Marine pollution bulletin. vol 186. 2022-12-15. PMID:36516497. drawing on existing research, and parallel and supporting concepts, e.g., marine citizenship, ocean connectedness, and public perceptions research, this paper proposes ten dimensions of ocean literacy: knowledge, communication, behaviour, awareness, attitudes, activism, emotional connection, access and experience, adaptive capacity and trust and transparency, and recommends expanding previously recognised dimensions, in a bid to ensure that ocean literacy encompasses diverse knowledges, values and experiences. 2022-12-15 2023-08-14 Not clear
Rupprecht Thorbecke, Margarete Pf\\xc3\\xa4fflin, Christian G Bien, Hajo M Hamer, Martin Holtkamp, Dietz Rating, Andreas Schulze-Bonhage, Hans-Beatus Straub, Adam Strzelczyk, Theodor W Ma. Have attitudes toward epilepsy improved in Germany over the last 50\\xc2\\xa0years? Epilepsy & behavior : E&B. vol 138. 2022-12-02. PMID:36459812. the aims of this study were (1) to investigate changes in ae over the time span of 50\xc2\xa0years, including the current survey in 2018 (2) to investigate the first-time emotional reactions measured with the scales of attitudes toward people with epilepsy (sape) (3) to identify predictors of ae. 2022-12-02 2023-08-14 Not clear
Michael T McKay, Mary C Clarke, Paul Donnelly, Andrew Perc. The McLean Screening Instrument for Borderline Personality Disorder: What, and why in a clinical cohort? Psychiatry research. vol 317. 2022-10-11. PMID:36219901. total number of msi items endorsed was meaningfully related to scores on emotional neglect and negative time attitudes. 2022-10-11 2023-08-14 human
Hyunjin Oh, Sunjoo Bo. Smoking in the workplace: A study of female call center employees in South Korea. PloS one. vol 17. issue 7. 2022-07-28. PMID:35901095. differences in intrapersonal (social nicotine dependence, smoking attitudes, emotional labor), interpersonal (smoking among family or friends, social support), and environmental factors (smoking cessation education, and perceived and preferred smoking policy at work) were compared according to smoking status (smokers, ex-smokers, and never smokers). 2022-07-28 2023-08-14 Not clear
Elise M Stevens, Glenn Leshner, Amy M Cohn, Seunghyun Kim, Theodore L Wagene. How marijuana use status affects responses to anti-marijuana messages. Cannabis (Research Society on Marijuana). vol 4. issue 2. 2022-07-11. PMID:35813447. the current study examined how cannabis use status impacts cognitive and emotional reactions to public health campaigns about cannabis, and the degree to which these reactions influence message likeability and attitudes about cannabis-related harms. 2022-07-11 2023-08-14 Not clear
Xiaoqian Fu, Tianming Yan, Yumi Tian, Xinchen Niu, Xin Xu, Yao Wei, Qifan Hu, Zhongming Ouyang, Xueshi W. Exploring Factors Influencing Students' Entrepreneurial Intention in Vocational Colleges Based on Structural Equation Modeling: Evidence From China. Frontiers in psychology. vol 13. 2022-06-24. PMID:35747685. consistent with theory of social cognition and planned behavior, this study outlines a conceptual model including entrepreneurial intention (ei), emotional competency (ec), entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ese), entrepreneurial attitude (ea), entrepreneurial education (ee), and subjective norms (sn). 2022-06-24 2023-08-14 Not clear
Michaela S Clark, Alexandria R Ebert, Julie Hicks Patric. The DAS-6: A Short Form of the Dementia Attitudes Scale. International journal of aging & human development. 2022-06-03. PMID:35656738. attitudes toward persons with dementia (pwd) are important predictors of emotional and behavioral outcomes for pwd and their caregivers. 2022-06-03 2023-08-14 Not clear