All Relations between decision making and Thalamus

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E A R\\xc3\\xados-Zavala, B Araiza-Nava, A M Morales-L\\xc3\\xb3pez, J M Jim\\xc3\\xa9nez-Capetillo, R Esquivel-G\\xc3\\xb3mez, G E Reyes-Mez. [Validation of the modified IMPROVE scale in patients undergoing primary total hip arthroplasty]. Acta ortopedica mexicana. vol 36. issue 1. 2022-09-13. PMID:36099570. it foresees the possibility of hemorrhage and the need for blood transfusion, being support in decision-making in the planning of a safe tha with the provision of the necessary resources. 2022-09-13 2023-08-14 Not clear
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