All Relations between decision making and dl

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Yu Gao, Xue Yang, Hongjun Li, Da-Wei Din. A knowledge-enhanced interpretable network for early recurrence prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma via multi-phase CT imaging. International journal of medical informatics. vol 189. 2024-06-08. PMID:38851131. however, these dl models utilized late fusion, restricting the interaction between domain knowledge and images during feature extraction, thereby limiting the prediction performance and compromising decision-making interpretability. 2024-06-08 2024-06-11 Not clear
Zongjie Wei, Yingjie Xv, Huayun Liu, Yang Li, Siwen Yin, Yongpeng Xie, Yong Chen, Fajin Lv, Qing Jiang, Feng Li, Mingzhao Xia. A CT-based deep learning model predicts overall survival in patients with muscle invasive bladder cancer after radical cystectomy: a multicenter retrospective cohort study. International journal of surgery (London, England). vol 110. issue 5. 2024-05-15. PMID:38349205. postoperative survival stratification based on radiomics and deep learning (dl) algorithms may be useful for treatment decision-making and follow-up management. 2024-05-15 2024-05-27 Not clear
Hongzhi Liu, Xiaoyao Wang, Xinqiu Song, Bing Han, Chuiqing Li, Fuzhou Du, Hongmei Zhan. A multiview deep learning-based prediction pipeline augmented with confident learning can improve performance in determining knee arthroplasty candidates. Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy : official journal of the ESSKA. 2024-05-07. PMID:38713857. deep learning (dl) techniques can build prediction models for treatment decision-making. 2024-05-07 2024-05-27 Not clear
Viswan Vimbi, Noushath Shaffi, Mufti Mahmu. Interpreting artificial intelligence models: a systematic review on the application of LIME and SHAP in Alzheimer's disease detection. Brain informatics. vol 11. issue 1. 2024-04-05. PMID:38578524. explainable artificial intelligence (xai) has gained much interest in recent years for its ability to explain the complex decision-making process of machine learning (ml) and deep learning (dl) models. 2024-04-05 2024-04-07 Not clear
Myeong Seong Bak, Haney Park, Heera Yoon, Geehoon Chung, Hyunjin Shin, Soonho Shin, Tai Wan Kim, Kyungjoon Lee, U Valentin Nägerl, Sang Jeong Kim, Sun Kwang Ki. Machine learning-based evaluation of spontaneous pain and analgesics from cellular calcium signals in the mouse primary somatosensory cortex using explainable features. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience. vol 17. 2024-03-07. PMID:38450042. however, dl operate like a "black box", where their decision-making process is not transparent and is difficult to understand, which is especially evident when our dl model classifies different states of pain based on cellular calcium signals. 2024-03-07 2024-03-09 mouse
Mohammad Hossein Sadeghi, Sedigheh Sina, Hamid Omidi, Amir Hossein Farshchitabrizi, Mehrosadat Alav. Deep learning in ovarian cancer diagnosis: a comprehensive review of various imaging modalities. Polish journal of radiology. vol 89. 2024-02-19. PMID:38371888. the integration of dl into ovarian cancer diagnosis holds the promise of improving patient outcomes, refining treatment approaches, and supporting well-informed decision-making. 2024-02-19 2024-02-21 Not clear
Mumu Aktar, Yiming Xiao, Ali K Z Tehrani, Donatella Tampieri, Hassan Rivaz, Marta Kersten-Oerte. SCANED: Siamese collateral assessment network for evaluation of collaterals from ischemic damage. Computerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society. vol 113. 2024-02-16. PMID:38364600. research in this area focuses on automated collateral assessment using deep learning (dl) methods to expedite decision-making processes and enhance accuracy. 2024-02-16 2024-02-19 Not clear
Md Ariful Islam, Md Ziaul Hasan Majumder, Md Alomgeer Hussein, Khondoker Murad Hossain, Md Sohel Mia. A review of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for Parkinson's disease detection using handwriting and voice datasets. Heliyon. vol 10. issue 3. 2024-02-15. PMID:38356538. the study also evaluates the effectiveness of various ml and dl algorithms, including classifiers, on these datasets and highlights their potential in enhancing diagnostic accuracy and aiding clinical decision-making. 2024-02-15 2024-02-17 Not clear
Claudio Urrea, John Kern, Ricardo Navarret. Bioinspired Photoreceptors with Neural Network for Recognition and Classification of Sign Language Gesture. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland). vol 23. issue 24. 2023-12-23. PMID:38139492. the great application potential of this system is underscored, as it can be employed, for example, in deep learning (dl) for pattern recognition or agent decision-making trained by reinforcement learning, etc. 2023-12-23 2023-12-25 Not clear
Sagheer Khan, Aaesha Alzaabi, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, Tughrul Arsla. Novel statistical time series data augmentation and machine learning based classification of unobtrusive respiration data for respiration Digital Twin model. Computers in biology and medicine. vol 168. 2023-12-07. PMID:38061156. large-scale implementation of dt technology requires extensive patient data for accurate monitoring and decision-making with machine learning (ml) and deep learning (dl). 2023-12-07 2023-12-17 human
Lise Wei, Dipesh Niraula, Evan D H Gates, Jie Fu, Yi Luo, Matthew J Nyflot, Stephen R Bowen, Issam M El Naqa, Sunan Cu. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in precision oncology: a review on enhancing discoverability through multiomics integration. The British journal of radiology. vol 96. issue 1150. 2023-11-27. PMID:37660402. artificial intelligence (ai) including machine learning (ml) and deep learning (dl) techniques combined with the exponential growth of multiomics data may have great potential to revolutionize cancer subtyping, risk stratification, prognostication, prediction and clinical decision-making. 2023-11-27 2023-11-29 Not clear
Neha D Shetty, Rajasbala Dhande, Bhavik S Unadkat, Pratapsingh Pariha. A Comprehensive Review on the Diagnosis of Knee Injury by Deep Learning-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Cureus. vol 15. issue 9. 2023-10-24. PMID:37868582. the studies showed an accuracy of 72.5% to 100% indicating that dl mri holds an equivalent performance as humans in decision-making and management of knee injuries. 2023-10-24 2023-11-08 Not clear
S R Menaka, M Prakash, S Neelakandan, Arun Radhakrishna. A novel WGF-LN based edge driven intelligence for wearable devices in human activity recognition. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-10-19. PMID:37857665. sensor data analysis for human activity recognition using conventional algorithms and deep learning (dl) models shows promising results, but evaluating their ambiguity in decision-making is still challenging. 2023-10-19 2023-11-08 human
Benedikt Feuerecker, Maurice M Heimer, Thomas Geyer, Matthias P Fabritius, Sijing Gu, Balthasar Schachtner, Leonie Beyer, Jens Ricke, Sergios Gatidis, Michael Ingrisch, Clemens C Cyra. Artificial Intelligence in Oncological Hybrid Imaging. Nuklearmedizin. Nuclear medicine. vol 62. issue 5. 2023-10-06. PMID:37802057. given the rapid developments in machine learning (ml) and deep learning (dl) methods, the role of ai will have significant impact on the imaging workflow and will eventually improve clinical decision making and outcomes. 2023-10-06 2023-10-15 Not clear
J H Jensha Haennah, C Seldev Christopher, G R Gnana Kin. Prediction of the COVID disease using lung CT images by Deep Learning algorithm: DETS-optimized Resnet 101 classifier. Frontiers in medicine. vol 10. 2023-09-25. PMID:37746067. a clinical decision-making system with predictive algorithms is needed to alleviate the pressure on healthcare systems via deep learning (dl) algorithms. 2023-09-25 2023-10-07 Not clear
Fan Fan, Gang Wu, Yining Yang, Fu Liu, Yuli Qian, Qingmiao Yu, Hongqiang Ren, Jinju Gen. A Graph Neural Network Model with a Transparent Decision-Making Process Defines the Applicability Domain for Environmental Estrogen Screening. Environmental science & technology. 2023-09-25. PMID:37749748. however, the currently available dl model for screening ees lacks both a transparent decision-making process and effective applicability domain (ad) characterization, making the reliability of its prediction results uncertain and limiting its practical applications. 2023-09-25 2023-10-07 Not clear
Inferrera Leandro, Borsatti Lorenzo, Miladinovic Aleksandar, Marangoni Dario, Giglio Rosa, Accardo Agostino, Tognetto Daniel. OCT-based deep-learning models for the identification of retinal key signs. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-09-05. PMID:37670066. labelled oct images remain a challenge, but our approach reduces dataset creation time and shows dl models' potential to improve ocular pathology diagnosis and clinical decision-making. 2023-09-05 2023-10-07 Not clear
Wenjie Fan, Jiaqi Zhang, Nan Wang, Jia Li, Li H. The Application of Deep Learning on CBCT in Dentistry. Diagnostics (Basel, Switzerland). vol 13. issue 12. 2023-06-28. PMID:37370951. dl models have the potential to be used clinically as medical decision-making aids. 2023-06-28 2023-08-14 Not clear
Zun Zheng Ong, Youssef Sadek, Xiaoxuan Liu, Riaz Qureshi, Su-Hsun Liu, Tianjing Li, Viknesh Sounderajah, Hutan Ashrafian, Daniel Shu Wei Ting, Dalia G Said, Jodhbir S Mehta, Matthew J Burton, Harminder Singh Dua, Darren Shu Jeng Tin. Diagnostic performance of deep learning in infectious keratitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. BMJ open. vol 13. issue 5. 2023-05-10. PMID:37164459. in recent years, deep learning (dl), a subfield of artificial intelligence, has rapidly emerged as a promising tool in assisting automated medical diagnosis, clinical triage and decision-making, and improving workflow efficiency in healthcare services. 2023-05-10 2023-08-14 Not clear
Akhilanand Chaurasia, Arunkumar Namachivayam, Revan Birke Koca-Ünsal, Jae-Hong Le. Deep-learning performance in identifying and classifying dental implant systems from dental imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of periodontal & implant science. 2023-05-08. PMID:37154107. therefore, dl models are promising prospects for use as decision aids and decision-making tools; however, there are limitations with respect to their application in actual clinical practice. 2023-05-08 2023-08-14 Not clear