All Relations between apoptosis and ovo

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Julia K\\xc3\\xb6nig, Anja Rahn, Jana Sch\\xc3\\xa4tzel, Marcus Frank, Thomas Stahnke, Martin Witt, Angrit Stachs, Oliver Stachs, Inga Langner, Tobias Lindner, Ebba Beller, Dagmar-C Fischer, Felix Streckenbac. Effects of prenatal Doppler ultrasound on the retina of the chick embryo in ovo. Anatomia, histologia, embryologia. 2023-09-05. PMID:37668174. therefore, we used an established in ovo model of the chicken embryo to investigate cell proliferation and apoptosis within the retina. 2023-09-05 2023-09-07 chicken
Anna Aakula, Aleksi Isomursu, Christian Rupp, Andrew Erickson, Nikhil Gupta, Otto Kauko, Pragya Shah, Artur Padzik, Yuba Raj Pokharel, Amanpreet Kaur, Song-Ping Li, Lloyd Trotman, Pekka Taimen, Antti Rannikko, Jan Lammerding, Ilkka Paatero, Tuomas Mirtti, Johanna Ivaska, Jukka Westermarc. PP2A methylesterase PME-1 suppresses anoikis and is associated with therapy relapse of PTEN-deficient prostate cancers. Molecular oncology. 2022-12-03. PMID:36461911. in vivo, pme-1 inhibition increased apoptosis in in ovo pca tumor xenografts, and attenuated pca cell survival in zebrafish circulation. 2022-12-03 2023-08-14 zebrafish
Anne-Sophie Hatat, Clara Benoit-Pilven, Am\\xc3\\xa9lie Pucciarelli, Florence de Fraipont, Lucie Lamothe, Pascal Perron, Amandine Rey, Matteo Giaj Levra, Anne-Claire Toffart, Didier Auboeuf, Beatrice Eymin, Sylvie Gazzer. Altered splicing of ATG16-L1 mediates acquired resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors of EGFR by blocking autophagy in non-small cell lung cancer. Molecular oncology. 2022-05-20. PMID:35593080. neutralization of atg16-l1-\xce\xb2 restored autophagy in response to gefitinib, induced apoptosis and inhibited the growth of in ovo tumor xenografts. 2022-05-20 2023-08-13 Not clear
Liqin Zhu, Jian Wang, Zhipeng Li, Haiyan Ma, Yufei Zhu, Xiaojun Yang, Xin Yan. The British journal of nutrition. vol 126. issue 5. 2021-12-07. PMID:33222701. in order to the explore effects of in ovo feeding (iof) of vitamin c on splenic development, splenic metabolism and apoptosis were detected in embryo, adult chickens and in vitro. 2021-12-07 2023-08-13 Not clear
Zehuan Ding, Huijuan Zhou, Naomi McCauley, Gladys Ko, Ke K Zhang, Linglin Xi. In ovo hyperglycemia causes congenital limb defects in chicken embryos via disruption of cell proliferation and apoptosis. Biochimica et biophysica acta. Molecular basis of disease. vol 1866. issue 12. 2021-01-18. PMID:32877749. in ovo hyperglycemia causes congenital limb defects in chicken embryos via disruption of cell proliferation and apoptosis. 2021-01-18 2023-08-13 chicken
Ahmed A Abd-Rabou, Dhruba J Bharali, Shaker A Mous. Viramidine-Loaded Galactosylated Nanoparticles Induce Hepatic Cancer Cell Apoptosis and Inhibit Angiogenesis. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. vol 190. issue 1. 2020-02-17. PMID:31346920. to test the mechanistic pathway, we investigated in vitro apoptosis using flow cytometry and in ovo angiogenesis using the cam assay. 2020-02-17 2023-08-13 Not clear
Wuhui Li, Hui Tan, Junmei Liu, Jie Hu, Jialin Cui, Shi Wang, Qingfeng Liu, Fangzhou Hu, Li Ren, Min Tao, Rurong Zhao, Conghui Yang, Qinbo Qin, Shaojun Li. Comparative analysis of testis transcriptomes associated with male infertility in triploid cyprinid fish. Reproduction, fertility, and development. vol 31. issue 2. 2019-12-06. PMID:30086823. in addition, the expression of a number of genes related to meiosis (inhibitor of dna binding 2 (id2), ovo like transcriptional repressor 1 (ovol1)), mitochondria (atp1b (atpase na+/k+ transporting subunit beta 1), atp2a (atpase, ca++ transporting, cardiac muscle, slow twitch 2), atp5a (atp synthase f1 subunit alpha), mitochondrially encoded cytochrome c oxidase i (cox1), nadh dehydrogenase subunit 4 (nd4)) and chromatin structure (histone 1 (h1), histone 2a (h2a), histone 2b (h2b), histone 3 (h3), histone 4 (h4)) was lower in the testes of 3nby, whereas the expression of genes encoding ubiquitin (ubiquitin conjugating enzymes (ubes), ring finger proteins (rnfs)) and apoptosis (casps (caspase 3, caspase 7,caspase 8), bcls (b-cell lymphoma 3, b-cell cll/lymphoma 2, b cell cll/lymphoma 10)) proteins involved in spermatid degeneration was higher. 2019-12-06 2023-08-13 Not clear
Y-Y Gao, L Jin, J Ji, B-L Sun, L-H Xu, Q-X Wang, C-K Wang, Y-Z B. Xanthophyll supplementation reduced inflammatory mediators and apoptosis in hens and chicks. Journal of animal science. vol 94. issue 5. 2017-05-09. PMID:27285699. results showed that in ovo xanthophylls reduced inflammatory mediators and apoptosis in the liver, duodenum, and jejunum of chicks mainly within 1 wk after hatching, whereas dietary xanthophylls only decreased expression in the liver from 2 wk onward. 2017-05-09 2023-08-13 Not clear
Mandy Ka Man Kam, Martin Cheung, Joe Jiang Zhu, William Wai Chun Cheng, Eric Wai Yin Sat, Paul Kwong Hang Tam, Vincent Chi Hang Lu. Homeobox b5 (Hoxb5) regulates the expression of Forkhead box D3 gene (Foxd3) in neural crest. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology. vol 55. 2015-07-24. PMID:25220476. in ovo, foxd3 alleviated the apoptosis of neural cells induced by perturbed hoxb5 signaling, and hoxb5 induced ectopic foxd3 expression in the chick neural tube. 2015-07-24 2023-08-13 mouse
Kaja Urba\\xc5\\x84ska, Beata Paj\\xc4\\x85k, Arkadiusz Orzechowski, Justyna Soko\\xc5\\x82owska, Marta Grodzik, Ewa Sawosz, Maciej Szmidt, Pawe\\xc5\\x82 Sys. The effect of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) on proliferation and apoptosis of in ovo cultured glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cells. Nanoscale research letters. vol 10. 2015-04-08. PMID:25852394. the effect of silver nanoparticles (agnps) on proliferation and apoptosis of in ovo cultured glioblastoma multiforme (gbm) cells. 2015-04-08 2023-08-13 human
M K M Kam, M C H Cheung, J J Zhu, W W C Cheng, E W Y Sat, P K H Tam, V C H Lu. Perturbation of Hoxb5 signaling in vagal and trunk neural crest cells causes apoptosis and neurocristopathies in mice. Cell death and differentiation. vol 21. issue 2. 2015-01-15. PMID:24141719. in ovo studies further revealed that sox9 alleviated apoptosis induced by perturbed hoxb5 signaling, and hoxb5 induced ectopic sox9 expression in chick nt. 2015-01-15 2023-08-12 human
Yara Maria Rauh M\\xc3\\xbcller, Karoline Kobus, Jana\\xc3\\xadna Chaves Schatz, Dib Ammar, Evelise Maria Nazar. Prenatal lead acetate exposure induces apoptosis and changes GFAP expression during spinal cord development. Ecotoxicology and environmental safety. vol 75. issue 1. 2012-03-06. PMID:21908043. in ovo lead exposure induces apoptosis, and reduces gfap expression in the nervous system of the chick embryos, which may cause impairments during neuronal development and consequences in childhood and adulthood. 2012-03-06 2023-08-12 chicken
H Peterziel, T Sackmann, J Strelau, P H Kuhn, S F Lichtenthaler, K Marom, A Klar, K Unsicke. F-spondin regulates neuronal survival through activation of disabled-1 in the chicken ciliary ganglion. Molecular and cellular neurosciences. vol 46. issue 2. 2011-05-09. PMID:21145970. in ovo treatment with blocking antibodies raised against the reelin/spondin domain or the tsr-domains caused increased apoptosis of cg neurons during the phase of programmed cell death and loss of about 30% of the neurons compared to controls. 2011-05-09 2023-08-12 chicken
J Marx, E Pretorius, M J Beste. Effects of Urginea sanguinea, a traditional asthma remedy, on embryo neuronal development. Journal of ethnopharmacology. vol 104. issue 3. 2006-09-15. PMID:16242279. electron microscopy studies following in ovo exposure revealed altered neuron morphology with patterns of cell damage either associated with apoptosis or necrosis. 2006-09-15 2023-08-12 chicken
Robert W Colma. The contact system and angiogenesis: potential for therapeutic control of malignancy. Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis. vol 30. issue 1. 2004-11-16. PMID:15034797. we have demonstrated that domain 5 (d5, kininostatin) and cleaved high-molecular-weight kininogen (hka) inhibit endothelial proliferation, migration, and neovascularization in the in ovo chicken chorioallantoic membrane (cam) assay, and that d5 and hka act by stimulating apoptosis and interfering with the cell cycle at the g (1)-s transition. 2004-11-16 2023-08-12 human
Y Maeda, M Nod. Coordinated development of embryonic long bone on chorioallantoic membrane in ovo prevents perichondrium-derived suppressive signals against cartilage growth. Bone. vol 32. issue 1. 2004-08-12. PMID:12584033. thus, chondrogenesis in long bone could be coordinately regulated through modulation of apoptosis by perichondrium and adjacent embryonic tissues, including bone collar, as revealed in in ovo assay. 2004-08-12 2023-08-12 chicken
Y Maeda, M Nod. Coordinated development of embryonic long bone on chorioallantoic membrane in ovo prevents perichondrium-derived suppressive signals against cartilage growth. Bone. vol 32. issue 1. 2004-08-12. PMID:12584033. no major apoptosis was observed in ovo regardless of the presence or the absence of perichondrium. 2004-08-12 2023-08-12 chicken
Catalina Hern\\xc3\\xa1ndez-S\\xc3\\xa1nchez, Alicia Mansilla, Enrique J de la Rosa, G Elisabeth Pollerberg, Encarna Mart\\xc3\\xadnez-Salas, Flora de Pabl. Upstream AUGs in embryonic proinsulin mRNA control its low translation level. The EMBO journal. vol 22. issue 20. 2004-01-09. PMID:14532130. strict regulation of proinsulin biosynthesis appears to be necessary, since exogenous proinsulin added to embryos in ovo decreased apoptosis and generated abnormal developmental traits. 2004-01-09 2023-08-12 Not clear
Eva Rubio, Ana I Valenciano, Carmen Segundo, Noelia S\\xc3\\xa1nchez, Flora de Pablo, Enrique J de la Ros. Programmed cell death in the neurulating embryo is prevented by the chaperone heat shock cognate 70. The European journal of neuroscience. vol 15. issue 10. 2002-08-06. PMID:12059972. we now demonstrate that hsc70 is directly involved in cell survival during neurulation, as specific downregulation of endogenous hsc70 by antisense oligodeoxynucleotide interference provoked an increase in apoptosis both in vitro and in ovo. 2002-08-06 2023-08-12 chicken
B D\\xc3\\xadaz, J Serna, F De Pablo, E J de la Ros. In vivo regulation of cell death by embryonic (pro)insulin and the insulin receptor during early retinal neurogenesis. Development (Cambridge, England). vol 127. issue 8. 2000-06-30. PMID:10725240. in ovo treatment at day 2 of embryonic development with specific antibodies against (pro)insulin or the insulin receptor induced apoptosis in the neuroretina. 2000-06-30 2023-08-12 chicken