All Relations between Gambling and decision making

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Xiaoyi Li, Ofir Turel, Qinghua H. Sex Modulated the Relationship between Trait Approach Motivation and Decision-making. NeuroImage. 2024-03-31. PMID:38555995. the results of the iowa gambling task (igt) revealed an interaction between sex and bas, particularly in the last 60 trials (decision-making under risk). 2024-03-31 2024-04-03 human
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Ludovica Zanini, Chiara Picano, Grazia Fernanda Spiton. The Iowa Gambling Task: Men and Women Perform Differently. A Meta-analysis. Neuropsychology review. 2024-03-11. PMID:38462590. the iowa gambling task (igt) was designed to assess decision-making under conditions of complexity and uncertainty; it is currently one of the most widely used tests to assess decision-making in both experimental and clinical settings. 2024-03-11 2024-03-14 human
Julie Giustiniani, Magali Nicolier, Audrey Diwoux, Thibaut Chabin, Lionel Pazart, Emmanuel Haffen, Damien Gabrie. Impact of online poker gambling on behavioural and neurophysiological responses to a virtual gambling task. Addiction biology. vol 29. issue 2. 2024-02-21. PMID:38380791. in this context, we hypothesized that online poker players, accustomed to handling virtual cards, would show high performance on computerized decision-making tasks such as the iowa gambling task (igt). 2024-02-21 2024-02-23 human
Brett A Hathaway, Andrew Li, Hannah G Brodie, Mason M Silveira, Melanie Tremblay, Yeon Soo Seo, Catharine A Winstanle. Dopamine activity in the nigrostriatal pathway alters cue-induced risky choice patterns in female rats. The European journal of neuroscience. 2024-02-19. PMID:38369911. deficits in cost/benefit decision making is a critical risk factor for gambling disorder. 2024-02-19 2024-02-21 rat
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Varsha Sing. Bittersweet memories and somatic marker hypothesis: adaptive control in emotional recall facilitates long-term decision-making in the Iowa Gambling Task. Frontiers in neuroscience. vol 17. 2024-01-31. PMID:38292897. bittersweet memories and somatic marker hypothesis: adaptive control in emotional recall facilitates long-term decision-making in the iowa gambling task. 2024-01-31 2024-02-02 Not clear
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Keitaro Murayama, Hirofumi Tomiyama, Aikana Ohno, Kenta Kato, Akira Matsuo, Suguru Hasuzawa, Kenta Sashikata, Mingi Kang, Tomohiro Naka. Decision-making deficits in obsessive-compulsive disorder are associated with abnormality of recency and response consistency parameter in prospect valence learning model. Frontiers in psychiatry. vol 14. 2023-10-16. PMID:37840793. patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd) have deficits in decision-making in the iowa gambling task (igt). 2023-10-16 2023-11-08 Not clear
Kevin D Laugero, Nancy L Kei. A Diet Pattern Characterized by Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Is Associated with Lower Decision-Making Performance in the Iowa Gambling Task, Elevated Stress Exposure, and Altered Autonomic Nervous System Reactivity in Men and Women. Nutrients. vol 15. issue 18. 2023-09-28. PMID:37764714. a diet pattern characterized by sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with lower decision-making performance in the iowa gambling task, elevated stress exposure, and altered autonomic nervous system reactivity in men and women. 2023-09-28 2023-10-07 Not clear
Kevin D Laugero, Nancy L Kei. A Diet Pattern Characterized by Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Is Associated with Lower Decision-Making Performance in the Iowa Gambling Task, Elevated Stress Exposure, and Altered Autonomic Nervous System Reactivity in Men and Women. Nutrients. vol 15. issue 18. 2023-09-28. PMID:37764714. we and others have reported on the relationships between body weight regulation and affective decision making, as measured by performance in the iowa gambling task (igt). 2023-09-28 2023-10-07 Not clear
Joshua B Grubbs, Heather Chapman, Lauren A Milner, Christopher G Floyd, Shane W Krau. Comorbid psychiatric diagnoses and gaming preferences in US armed forces veterans receiving inpatient treatment for gambling disorder. Addictive behaviors. vol 147. 2023-08-29. PMID:37643505. gambling activities vary widely from each other, but most gambling activities can be understood as either strategic (i.e., involving some measure of skill and decision-making as a part of the gambling practice) or non-strategic (i.e., gambling activities that are entirely based on chance). 2023-08-29 2023-09-07 Not clear
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Alejandro Díaz, Jaume García, Levi Pére. Gender Differences in the Propensity to Start Gambling. Journal of gambling studies. 2023-07-04. PMID:37402116. these results are expected to improve knowledge of gender differences in terms of consumer decision making about gambling and to be helpful in designing public policies for gambling. 2023-07-04 2023-08-14 Not clear
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