All Relations between Depressive Disorder, Major and Trazodone

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Hossam Tharwat Ali, Ziad Ashraf Soliman, Firas Aborigiba, Ana Leticia Fornari Caprara, Jamir Pitton Rissard. Trazodone-induced parkinsonism in a middle-aged male: A case report. African health sciences. vol 24. issue 1. 2024-07-04. PMID:38962328. trazodone is an antidepressant agent approved for treating major depressive disorders and is also prescribed for insomnia due to its sedative effect. 2024-07-04 2024-07-10 Not clear
Laura Oggianu, Giorgio Di Dato, Giorgina Mangano, Maria Teresa Rosignoli, Savannah McFeely, Alice Ban Ke, Hannah M Jones, Alessandro Comandin. Estimation of brain receptor occupancy for trazodone immediate release and once a day formulations. Clinical and translational science. 2022-03-02. PMID:35233913. trazodone is approved for the treatment of major depressive disorders, marketed as immediate release (ir), prolonged release, and once a day (oad) formulation. 2022-03-02 2023-08-13 human
Beatrice Garrone, Anna di Matteo, Alessandro Amato, Luana Pistillo, Lucia Durando, Claudio Milanese, Francesco Paolo Di Giorgio, Serena Tongian. Synergistic interaction between trazodone and gabapentin in rodent models of neuropathic pain. PloS one. vol 16. issue 1. 2021-05-07. PMID:33395416. we demonstrate that the combination of trazodone, a multifunctional drug for the treatment of major depressive disorders, and gabapentin, a gaba analogue approved for neuropathic pain relief, results in a synergistic antinociceptive effect in the mice writhing test. 2021-05-07 2023-08-13 mouse
M A Schucki. United States experience with trazodone: a literature review. Psychopathology. vol 20 Suppl 1. 1988-02-05. PMID:3321128. first, there is ample documentation that trazodone is an effective antidepressant with results comparable to the tricyclic antidepressant agents in treating major depressive disorders. 1988-02-05 2023-08-11 Not clear
J P Feighne. Trazodone in major affective disorders. Psychopathology. vol 17 Suppl 2. 1984-06-20. PMID:6425917. when atropine side effects of the standard tricyclic antidepressants and bridged tricyclic antidepressants are undesirable and medically contraindicated, trazodone should be one of the drugs of choice in major depressive disorders. 1984-06-20 2023-08-12 Not clear