All Relations between Dementia and thinking

Publication Sentence Publish Date Extraction Date Species
Dinghao An, Yun X. Environmental risk factors provoke new thinking for prevention and treatment of dementia with Lewy bodies. Heliyon. vol 10. issue 9. 2024-05-06. PMID:38707435. environmental risk factors provoke new thinking for prevention and treatment of dementia with lewy bodies. 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 Not clear
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Allison B Reiss, Shelly Gulkarov, Benna Jacob, Ankita Srivastava, Aaron Pinkhasov, Irving H Gomolin, Mark M Stecker, Thomas Wisniewski, Joshua De Leo. Mitochondria in Alzheimer's Disease Pathogenesis. Life (Basel, Switzerland). vol 14. issue 2. 2024-02-24. PMID:38398707. it causes dementia with memory loss and deterioration in thinking and language skills. 2024-02-24 2024-02-26 Not clear
Tugba Keskin, Orcun Avsar, Sinan Eliacik, Funda Uysal Ta. Investigation of the relationship between Nucleosides, nucleotides & nucleic acids. 2024-02-10. PMID:38340307. investigation of the relationship between alzheimer's disease is one of the most common causes of dementia and is a neurodegenerative disease that occurs with memory loss, loss of language, thinking and problem-solving skills. 2024-02-10 2024-02-14 Not clear
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Isaac Tuffour, Griffin Gang. Dementia: A call for a paradigm shift in pre-registration nurse education. Global mental health (Cambridge, England). vol 11. 2024-01-29. PMID:38283879. dementia is a progressive brain disorder that affects memory, thinking and behaviour. 2024-01-29 2024-01-31 Not clear
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Vasileios S Loukas, Thomas Kassiotis, Ignacio Lamata Martinez, Lefteris Koumakis, Jeroen Bruinsma, Roberto Pasciuti, Monica Balatresi, Ville Tenhunen, Adam Fiakkas, Lelia Ataliani, Georgia S Karanasiou, Manolis Tsiknakis, Hannes Hilberger, Markus Bodenler, Bianca Schnalzer, Simone Huber, Mattia Pirani, Matteo Colombo, Sten Hanke, Dimitrios I Fotiadi. LETHE: A Digital Intervention for Cognitive Decline. Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual International Conference. vol 2023. 2023-12-12. PMID:38083735. for that reason, a plethora of home-based assistive technologies for dementia management do exist, with most of them focusing on the improvement of memory and thinking. 2023-12-12 2023-12-17 Not clear
Chiemi Komai, Satoko Cho, Haruka Kondo. [Examination of Factors Related to Quality Evaluation of Dementia Nursing Care in Acute Hospitals]. Journal of UOEH. vol 45. issue 4. 2023-12-06. PMID:38057111. it was suggested that enhancing the ethical behavior of "good care", which means always thinking and acting for the best while searching for the will of dementia patients, may lead to quality evaluation of dementia nursing. 2023-12-06 2023-12-10 Not clear
Barbara Vuic, Tina Milos, Lucija Tudor, Matea Nikolac Perkovic, Marcela Konjevod, Gordana Nedic Erjavec, Vladimir Farkas, Suzana Uzun, Ninoslav Mimica, Dubravka Svob Stra. Pharmacogenomics of Dementia: Personalizing the Treatment of Cognitive and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms. Genes. vol 14. issue 11. 2023-11-25. PMID:38002991. dementia is a syndrome of global and progressive deterioration of cognitive skills, especially memory, learning, abstract thinking, and orientation, usually affecting the elderly. 2023-11-25 2023-11-28 Not clear
Congning Ni, Qingyuan Song, Bradley Malin, Lijun Song, Patricia Commiskey, Lauren Stratton, Zhijun Yi. Examining Online Behaviors of Adult-Child and Spousal Caregivers for People Living With Alzheimer Disease or Related Dementias: Comparative Study in an Open Online Community. Journal of medical Internet research. vol 25. 2023-11-17. PMID:37976095. alzheimer disease or related dementias (adrd) are severe neurological disorders that impair the thinking and memory skills of older adults. 2023-11-17 2023-11-20 Not clear
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Yaqi Huang, Ken Hok Man Ho, Martin Christensen, Duo Wai-Chi Wong, Shanshan Wang, Jing Jing Su, Ivy Yan Zhao, Patrick Pui Kin Kor, Justina Yat Wa Liu, James Chung-Wai Cheung, Angela Yee Man Leung, Daphne Sze Ki Cheun. Virtual reality-based simulation intervention for enhancing the empathy of informal caregivers of people with dementia: A mixed-methods systematic review. International journal of mental health nursing. 2023-10-11. PMID:37817470. two themes were generated from the qualitative studies, including "informal caregivers gained better insight into problems encountered by older people with dementia" and "thinking from the perspective of older people with dementia, leading to changes in attitudes and behaviours towards dementia". 2023-10-11 2023-10-15 Not clear
Beni Asllani, Deborah M Mulle. Using personal writings to detect dementia: A text mining approach. Health informatics journal. vol 29. issue 4. 2023-10-06. PMID:37800542. the differences found in this analysis mirror the expected patterns where writings of people with dementia reflect significantly more analytical thinking words, but significantly less authentic and emotional tone. 2023-10-06 2023-10-07 Not clear
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James Galske, Chitra Dorai, Heidi Gil, Tonya Chera, Edith Stern, Kate Keefe, Erica DeFrancesco, Cameron J Gette. Lessons learned from a design thinking workshop: Intervention design involving persons living with dementia and care partners. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2023-08-25. PMID:37622747. lessons learned from a design thinking workshop: intervention design involving persons living with dementia and care partners. 2023-08-25 2023-09-07 Not clear
Mariana Mendes, Érica Correia, Anabela Vitorino, José Rodrigues, Luís Cid, Teresa Bento, Raul Antunes, Diogo Monteiro, Nuno Cout. Effects of Exercise on Quality of Life in Subjects with Alzheimer's Disease: Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials. Sports (Basel, Switzerland). vol 11. issue 8. 2023-08-25. PMID:37624129. alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that progressively affects memory, thinking, and behavior. 2023-08-25 2023-09-07 human
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Qazi Mohammad Sajid Jamal, Mohammad Imran Khan, Ali H Alharbi, Varish Ahmad, Brijesh Singh Yada. Identification of Natural Compounds of the Apple as Inhibitors against Cholinesterase for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: An In Silico Molecular Docking Simulation and ADMET Study. Nutrients. vol 15. issue 7. 2023-04-13. PMID:37049419. alzheimer's disease (ad), the most common type of dementia in older people, causes neurological problems associated with memory and thinking. 2023-04-13 2023-08-14 Not clear