All Relations between Blindness and dr

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Todd McLaughlin, Grant Wang, Andy Medina, Jacob Perkins, Rhudwan Nihlawi, Don Seyfried, Zihua Hu, Joshua J Wang, Sarah X Zhan. Essential Role of XBP1 in Maintaining Photoreceptor Synaptic Integrity in Early Diabetic Retinopathy. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. vol 64. issue 14. 2023-11-28. PMID:38015176. diabetic retinopathy (dr) is a leading cause of blindness in working-age adults characterized by retinal dysfunction and neurovascular degeneration. 2023-11-28 2023-11-29 Not clear
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Yanqiu Liu, Zifan Xu, Haohan Zheng, Jiahui Yang, Meili Wu, Qian Yang, Yan Wang, Tianyi Zong, Xusheng Yang, Tianhua Xie, Jiping Cai, Yong Yao, Xiaolu Wan. MiR-423-5p promotes M\\xc3\\xbcller cell activation via targeting NGF signaling in diabetic retinopathy. Life sciences. 2023-11-04. PMID:37925140. diabetic retinopathy (dr) is a common microvascular complication of diabetes mellitus and one of the major causes of visual impairment and blindness in industrialized countries. 2023-11-04 2023-11-08 mouse
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Posham Uppamma, Sweta Bhattachary. A multidomain bio-inspired feature extraction and selection model for diabetic retinopathy severity classification: an ensemble learning approach. Scientific reports. vol 13. issue 1. 2023-10-31. PMID:37903967. diabetes retinopathy (dr) is one of the leading causes of blindness globally. 2023-10-31 2023-11-08 Not clear
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Brenda F M Castro, Jason C Steel, Christopher J Layto. AAV-Based Strategies for Treatment of Retinal and Choroidal Vascular Diseases: Advances in Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy Therapies. BioDrugs : clinical immunotherapeutics, biopharmaceuticals and gene therapy. 2023-10-25. PMID:37878215. age-related macular degeneration (amd) and diabetic retinopathy (dr) are vascular diseases with high prevalence, ranking among the leading causes of blindness and vision loss worldwide. 2023-10-25 2023-11-08 Not clear
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Anza Rizvi, Fatima Rizvi, Parth Lalakia, Leslie Hyman, Rosemary Frasso, Les Sztandera, Anthony Vipin Da. Is Artificial Intelligence the Cost-Saving Lens to Diabetic Retinopathy Screening in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? Cureus. vol 15. issue 9. 2023-10-24. PMID:37868419. the emergence of diabetes as a global pandemic is one of the major challenges to human health, as long-term microvascular complications such as diabetic retinopathy (dr) can lead to irreversible blindness. 2023-10-24 2023-11-08 human
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Muhammad Zulfiqah Sadikan, Nurul Alimah Abdul Nasir, Lidawani Lambuk, Rohimah Mohamud, Nur Hidayah Reshidan, Evon Low, Saiful Anuar Singar, Awis Sukarni Mohmad Sabere, Igor Iezhitsa, Renu Agarwa. Diabetic retinopathy: a comprehensive update on in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo experimental models. BMC ophthalmology. vol 23. issue 1. 2023-10-19. PMID:37858128. diabetic retinopathy (dr), one of the leading causes of visual impairment and blindness worldwide, is one of the major microvascular complications in diabetes mellitus (dm). 2023-10-19 2023-11-08 Not clear
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Qionghua Wang, Lanyue Zhang, Qiang Shen, Chunqin Zeng, Yanhong Fang, Kepeng O. 5-Bromo-3,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde stabilizes diabetic retinal neurovascular units by inhibiting the inflammatory microenvironment. Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie. vol 168. 2023-10-15. PMID:37839106. diabetic retinopathy (dr) is a leading cause of blindness characterized by damage to the retinal neurovascular unit, which is caused by hyperglycemia-induced metabolic and inflammatory responses. 2023-10-15 2023-11-08 Not clear
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Hang Hyo Jo, Yeong Seok Goh, Hye Jih Kim, Dae Hyun Kim, Hyemin Kim, Jiyi Hwang, Ji Seung Jung, Nanyoung Kang, Sang Eun Park, Kyung Mee Park, Hyun Jik Le. Tacrolimus Improves Therapeutic Efficacy of Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Diabetic Retinopathy by Suppressing DRP1-Mediated Mitochondrial Fission. Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland). vol 12. issue 9. 2023-09-28. PMID:37760030. diabetic retinopathy (dr) is a leading cause of blindness in diabetic patients. 2023-09-28 2023-10-07 rat