All Relations between Alzheimer Disease and Dementia

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Rami Lee, Ji-Hun Kim, Won-Woo Kim, Sung-Hee Hwang, Sun-Hye Choi, Jong-Hoon Kim, Ik-Hyun Cho, Manho Kim, Seung-Yeol Na. Emerging evidence that ginseng components improve cognition in subjective memory impairment, mild cognitive impairment, and early Alzheimer's disease dementia. Journal of ginseng research. vol 48. issue 3. 2024-05-06. PMID:38707644. clinical studies have also shown that acute or long-term intake of ginseng total extract improves acute working memory performance or cognitive function in healthy individuals and those with subjective memory impairment (smi), mild cognitive impairment (mci), or early alzheimer's disease (ad) dementia who are taking ad medication(s). 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 Not clear
Yiqi Zhu, Soobin Park, Ramana Kolady, Wenqing Zha, Ying Ma, Amanda Dias, Katherine McGuire, Angela Hardi, Sunny Lin, Zahinoor Ismail, Paris B Adkins-Jackson, Jean-Francois Trani, Ganesh M Babula. A systematic review/meta-analysis of prevalence and incidence rates illustrates systemic underrepresentation of individuals racialized as Asian and/or Asian-American in ADRD research. Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association. 2024-05-06. PMID:38708587. we investigate alzheimer's disease and related dementia (adrd) prevalence, incidence rate, and risk factors in individuals racialized as asian and/or asian-american and assess sample representation. 2024-05-06 2024-05-08 Not clear
Min Wang, Jiaying Lu, Ying Zhang, Qi Zhang, Luyao Wang, Ping Wu, Matthias Brendel, Axel Rominger, Kuangyu Shi, Qianhua Zhao, Jiehui Jiang, Chuantao Zu. Characterization of tau propagation pattern and cascading hypometabolism from functional connectivity in Alzheimer's disease. Human brain mapping. vol 45. issue 7. 2024-05-04. PMID:38703095. tau pathology and its spatial propagation in alzheimer's disease (ad) play crucial roles in the neurodegenerative cascade leading to dementia. 2024-05-04 2024-05-07 human
Anna Marier, Mahsa Dadar, Florence Bouhali, Maxime Montembeaul. Irregular word reading as a marker of semantic decline in Alzheimer's disease: implications for premorbid intellectual ability measurement. Alzheimer's research & therapy. vol 16. issue 1. 2024-05-03. PMID:38698406. irregular word reading has been used to estimate premorbid intelligence in alzheimer's disease (ad) dementia. 2024-05-03 2024-05-05 Not clear
Georgia Roumpea, Jurij Bon, Katarina Marjanovič, Zvezdan Pirtošek, Christina Manouilido. Facilitated lexical processing accuracy and reaction times following repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in dementia of the Alzheimer type: a case study. Neurocase. 2024-05-03. PMID:38700041. facilitated lexical processing accuracy and reaction times following repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in dementia of the alzheimer type: a case study. 2024-05-03 2024-05-05 human
Georgia Roumpea, Jurij Bon, Katarina Marjanovič, Zvezdan Pirtošek, Christina Manouilido. Facilitated lexical processing accuracy and reaction times following repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in dementia of the Alzheimer type: a case study. Neurocase. 2024-05-03. PMID:38700041. we investigated the potential effects of high-frequency (10 hz) repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rtms) of the bilateral dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (dlpfc) (30-sessions; 2-sessions/day) on improving lexical processing in one participant with mild - alzheimer's disease (hereafter dementia of the alzheimer type-dat). 2024-05-03 2024-05-05 human
Mallory Gainey, Addison Niles, Samuel Imeh-Nathaniel, Richard L Goodwin, Laurie Theriot Roley, Ohmar Win, Thomas I Nathaniel, Adebobola Imeh-Nathanie. Comorbidities in patients with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease with Neuropsychiatric symptoms. Geriatric nursing (New York, N.Y.). vol 57. 2024-05-02. PMID:38696879. this study aimed to examine baseline risk factors in alzheimer's disease (ad) and vascular dementia (vad) patients with neuropsychiatry symptoms (nps), and determine whether specific risk factors differ by subtypes of dementia for ad and vad patients with nps. 2024-05-02 2024-05-05 Not clear
Suzanne T Witt, Alana Brown, Laura Gravelsins, Maria Engström, Elisabet Classon, Nina Lykke, Elisabeth Åvall-Lundqvist, Elvar Theordorsson, Jan Ernerudh, Preben Kjölhede, Gillian Einstei. Gray matter volume in women with the BRCA mutation with and without ovarian removal: evidence for increased risk of late-life Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Menopause (New York, N.Y.). 2024-04-30. PMID:38688467. ovarian removal prior to spontaneous/natural menopause (sm) is associated with increased risk of late life dementias including alzheimer's disease. 2024-04-30 2024-05-03 Not clear
Karly A Cody, Rebecca E Langhough, Matthew D Zammit, Lindsay Clark, Nathaniel Chin, Bradley T Christian, Tobey J Betthauser, Sterling C Johnso. Characterizing brain tau and cognitive decline along the amyloid timeline in Alzheimer's disease. Brain : a journal of neurology. 2024-04-26. PMID:38667631. this cohort study included a total of 601 individuals from the wisconsin registry for alzheimer's prevention and wisconsin alzheimer's disease research center that underwent amyloid and tau pet, longitudinal neuropsychological assessments, and met clinical criteria for three clinical diagnosis groups: cognitively unimpaired (cu; n=537); mild cognitive impairment (mci; n=48); or dementia (n=16)). 2024-04-26 2024-04-28 human
Coralie Cressot, Agathe Vrillon, Matthieu Lilamand, Hélène Francisque, Aurélie Méauzoone, Claire Hourregue, Julien Dumurgier, Emeline Marlinge, Claire Paquet, Emmanuel Cogna. Psychosis in Neurodegenerative Dementias: A Systematic Comparative Review. Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD. 2024-04-26. PMID:38669539. psychosis, characterized by delusions and/or hallucinations, is frequently observed during the progression of alzheimer's disease (ad) and other neurodegenerative dementias (nd) (i.e., dementia with lewy bodies (dlb), and frontotemporal dementia (ftd)) and cause diagnostic and management difficulties. 2024-04-26 2024-04-29 Not clear
Hannah Baumeister, Jacob W Vogel, Philip S Insel, Luca Kleineidam, Steffen Wolfsgruber, Melina Stark, Helena M Gellersen, Renat Yakupov, Matthias C Schmid, Falk Lüsebrink, Frederic Brosseron, Gabriel Ziegler, Silka D Freiesleben, Lukas Preis, Luisa-Sophie Schneider, Eike J Spruth, Slawek Altenstein, Andrea Lohse, Klaus Fliessbach, Ina R Vogt, Claudia Bartels, Björn H Schott, Ayda Rostamzadeh, Wenzel Glanz, Enise I Incesoy, Michaela Butryn, Daniel Janowitz, Boris-Stephan Rauchmann, Ingo Kilimann, Doreen Goerss, Matthias H Munk, Stefan Hetzer, Peter Dechent, Michael Ewers, Klaus Scheffler, Anika Wuestefeld, Olof Strandberg, Danielle van Westen, Niklas Mattsson-Carlgren, Shorena Janelidze, Erik Stomrud, Sebastian Palmqvist, Annika Spottke, Christoph Laske, Stefan Teipel, Robert Perneczky, Katharina Buerger, Anja Schneider, Josef Priller, Oliver Peters, Alfredo Ramirez, Jens Wiltfang, Michael T Heneka, Michael Wagner, Emrah Düzel, Frank Jessen, Oskar Hansson, David Berro. A generalizable data-driven model of atrophy heterogeneity and progression in memory clinic settings. Brain : a journal of neurology. 2024-04-24. PMID:38654513. participants were cognitively unimpaired (cu; n = 285) or fulfilled diagnostic criteria for subjective cognitive decline (scd; n = 342), mild cognitive impairment (mci; n = 118), or dementia of the alzheimer's type (n = 68). 2024-04-24 2024-04-28 human
Teresa J Kelechi, Diana Layne, Martina Mueller, Mohan Madisetti, Sundaravadivel Balasubramania. Feasibility and Preliminary Impact of a Web-Based Mind Body Intervention for Older Dementia Caregivers. Western journal of nursing research. 2024-04-24. PMID:38655852. mind-body interventions focused on intentional breathing and movement have been found to mitigate the negative effects of caregiving such as such as stress, psychosocial distress, and emotional distress associated for persons living with alzheimer's disease and related dementias. 2024-04-24 2024-04-28 Not clear
Sungwoo Kang, Seun Jeon, Young-Gun Lee, Byoung Seok Y. Alteration of medial temporal lobe metabolism related to Alzheimer's disease and dementia with lewy bodies. Alzheimer's research & therapy. vol 16. issue 1. 2024-04-23. PMID:38654300. alteration of medial temporal lobe metabolism related to alzheimer's disease and dementia with lewy bodies. 2024-04-23 2024-04-26 Not clear
Sungwoo Kang, Seun Jeon, Young-Gun Lee, Byoung Seok Y. Alteration of medial temporal lobe metabolism related to Alzheimer's disease and dementia with lewy bodies. Alzheimer's research & therapy. vol 16. issue 1. 2024-04-23. PMID:38654300. association of medial temporal lobe (mtl) metabolism with alzheimer's disease (ad) and dementia with lewy bodies (dlb) has not been evaluated considering their mixed disease (md). 2024-04-23 2024-04-26 Not clear
Yasunori Yamada, Kaoru Shinkawa, Masatomo Kobayashi, Miyuki Nemoto, Miho Ota, Kiyotaka Nemoto, Tetsuaki Ara. Distinct eye movement patterns to complex scenes in Alzheimer's disease and Lewy body disease. Frontiers in neuroscience. vol 18. 2024-04-22. PMID:38646608. alzheimer's disease (ad) and lewy body disease (lbd), the two most common causes of neurodegenerative dementia with similar clinical manifestations, both show impaired visual attention and altered eye movements. 2024-04-22 2024-04-24 Not clear
Daniel C Shippy, Sophia F Oliai, Tyler K Ullan. Zinc utilization by microglia in Alzheimer's disease. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2024-04-22. PMID:38648940. alzheimer's disease (ad) is the most common form of dementia defined by two key pathological characteristics in the brain, amyloid-β (aβ) plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (nfts) composed of hyperphosphorylated tau. 2024-04-22 2024-04-26 Not clear
Kim Korinek, Zachary Zimmer, Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan, Yvette Young, Long Cao Manh, Tran Khanh Toa. Cognitive function following early life war-time stress exposure in a cohort of Vietnamese older adults. Social science & medicine (1982). vol 349. 2024-04-19. PMID:38640743. following recent calls to incorporate population-specific stressors to advance explanatory models of cognitive function, these findings suggest that it is critical to assess the enduring scars and resilience of armed conflict in global efforts to understand, prevent, and treat cognitive impairment, alzheimer's disease, and related dementias. 2024-04-19 2024-04-22 Not clear
Pascual Sánchez-Juan, Elizabeth Valeriano-Lorenzo, Alicia Ruiz-González, Ana Belén Pastor, Hector Rodrigo Lara, Francisco López-González, María Ascensión Zea-Sevilla, Meritxell Valentí, Belen Frades, Paloma Ruiz, Laura Saiz, Iván Burgueño-García, Miguel Calero, Teodoro Del Ser, Alberto Rában. Serum GFAP levels correlate with astrocyte reactivity, post-mortem brain atrophy and neurofibrillary tangles. Brain : a journal of neurology. 2024-04-18. PMID:38634687. moreover, the diagnostic performance of gfap in advanced dementia patients was explored, and its discriminative power (area under the receiver operator characteristic curve at baseline = 0.91) in differentiating neuropathologically-confirmed alzheimer's disease dementias from non-alzheimer's disease dementias was determined, despite the challenging scenario of advanced age and frequent co-pathologies in these patients. 2024-04-18 2024-04-20 Not clear
Qiping Fan, Minh-Nguyet Hoang, Logan DuBose, Marcia G Ory, Jeswin Vennatt, Diana Salha, Shinduk Lee, Tokunbo Falohu. The Digital Caregiving Assistance Platform for Dementia Caregivers: Preliminary Evaluation Study. JMIR aging. vol 7. 2024-04-17. PMID:38630527. the increasing prevalence of alzheimer disease and alzheimer disease-related dementia in the united states has amplified the health care burden and caregiving challenges, especially for caregivers of people living with dementia. 2024-04-17 2024-04-19 Not clear
Isidro Ferre. Historical review: The golden age of the Golgi method in human neuropathology. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology. 2024-04-16. PMID:38622902. although a relatively small number of laboratories applied these methods, their impact was crucial by increasing knowledge about: (1) the morphology, orientation, and localization of neurons in human cerebral and cerebellar malformations and ganglionic tumors, and (2) the presence of abnormal structures including large and thin spines (spine dysgenesis) in several disorders linked to mental retardation, focal enlargements of the axon hillock and dendrites (meganeurites) in neuronal storage diseases, growth cone-like appendages in alzheimer disease, as well as abnormal structures in other dementias. 2024-04-16 2024-04-18 human